Time and Time Again

Your body is beat up, and yet you approach your workout as if everything is 100%…

Progress is stagnating, yet you decide to not look at your food intake or training log for reason(s) why…

You seek motivation as the answer, and yet you cannot remember the last time that motivation was the determining factor in accomplishing any complex task…

Why do you doubt your senses? I will give you a hint-it is probably not due to a slight disorder of the stomach which can make them cheat. You must learn to listen, or be visited by three spirits.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The first spirit will remind you of your experiences with fitness years before. The weight you lost doing X. The sacrifices you made but had forgotten about. It might even remind you that you were too focused on the task at hand.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

The next ghost will shed light on enjoying the moment and process of fitness. The small milestones made and mini-objectives accomplished. The company that you have (i.e. social support) in pursuit of the greater goal.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Besides scaring you straight, the final specter will illustrate the time after achieving your goal(s). Are you the same person, or have you changed? What people do you hold in your company now that you are the ‘new’ you? This can be a tough thing to see, because it ultimately demonstrates change that you might not be ready for…

Whatever you might have been taught or told up until now, remember that your senses are alerting you for a reason. Take a step back to re-assess, because the answer you are looking for is usually there. It’s not rocket science; it is change.

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