You’ve laid out your New Years resolutions in perfect harmony.  One or two might even be fitness-related.  If you feel yourself ‘stuck’, here are five effective steps towards getting back on track that never fail…

Five Steps

Step 1 – Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, why that is, and how long do you (realistically) intend for it to take?  Develop a strategy.


Step 2 – Ditch the performance and outcome-related goals for a process goal.  This is something that we have greatest control over, for example, committing to 3 hours of moderate-intense activity ever week.  Tip-you are going to need more (activity) for body transformation.


Step 3 – Do not expect to undo habits and form new ones within a fortnight.  Instead, give yourself at least two weeks to establish a baseline before re-assessing and making any changes.


Step 4 – Find someone to hold you accountable.  Without accountability, it is much easier to remain non-committal and much harder to make continuous change.  Better yet-find someone who’s mindset is in line with your goal(s).


Step 5 – Discover what behaviors and commitments are absolutely necessary to achieve your goal(s) and then work to create those behaviors.

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