You are frustrated at your current progress (or lack thereof).


Did you expect too much?  Do you have what it takes?  Should you find another gym altogether?


Perhaps not.  Instead, these are some points to highlight and focus on instead…


  • Age is more than just a number. Commonly clients will become frustrated that they have been unable to create outcomes that they achieved 3-5 years ago.  That’s a lot of time in terms of physical fitness and body composition.  Your day-to-day activity (i.e. steps), total lean body mass, and metabolism might be in a totally different landscape here, in the now.


  • Tracking data is imperative. An initial set of data will tell you where you are, and eventually where you were.  It is a good idea to assess body composition with a reliable method every 4-6 weeks.  Using the same timeline, if strength or functionality are important to you then you should perform periodic Rep-Max Tests or Functional Movement Screens to assess training program accuracy.


  • Process goals are ‘in’. While everyone loves a good outcome-related goal, process goals are advantageous to include because they directly reflect things that we are in control of.  If you commit to not missing more than, say, 10% of your weekly workouts, then you are much more likely to achieve success.  And you have the most control over whether or not this happens.


  • Many people get results in spite of what they do. I am going to have to steal this last one from Layne Norton.  Someone out there got awesome results doing round-the-clock bootcamp workouts.  By the same token, someone out there also got stellar results doing nothing but Yoga meditation.  Find what works for you, and then repetition.


  • Consistency is key. You must track your consistency across training, nutrition, and recovery is order to create marked change.  A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you have not been 90% compliant or better during a week’s time, then you at least need to run one more week (at proper adherence) before re-assessing.
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