By the dictionary, passion is defined as strong and barely controllable emotion.  If that’s not powerful I don’t know what is.

With passion as it relates to love, I believe we can relate to an image of a soppy romantic movie and the verbal/physical interaction of its characters.  The subject of training, however, may not immediately release a relatable image.  Or at least not one that is seen as being positively passionate (cursing your workout or coach anyone?).

Bring Passion to Your Training

My intention here is to highlight ways you can bring passion towards training.  It is the ‘secret weapon’ amongst psychological feelings which can elevate your fitness to areas unseen before.

  1. Embrace the challenge of each workout, exercise, or particular set. Rather than a burden, view it as an opportunity to give it your all!  Worst case scenario-you are unable to finish, which will provide future motivation.
  2. Know why you are showing up for training (i.e. goal) and visualize achieving that with each workout. If done right, this combined with the release of body chemicals during training will lead to a true ‘workout high’.
  3. On occasion, try breaking a record just to prove to yourself that you are capable of more than you ever thought. This could be for time, reps, weight, etc.
  4. Care for yourself and your surroundings with true empathy. This starts by nourishing your body with water, continues with how you handle equipment, and finishes with the help you offer your compatriots during training.  Small Group training excels here!
  5. Take feelings of passion and achievement from each workout and make it last. Go out into the world or at-home and provide that positive energy for something or someone else.  Every time.


I am a highly emotional and passionate individual as it is.  Take it from me, that passion is an often missed and misunderstood trait which provides great carryover to how enjoyable your fitness journey (or life) can be.  Next week, start by bringing passion (and love ) to what you do!


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