There are few realizations as scary as you no longer have ‘control’ over your Fitness.  Some might argue that Fitness is more closely correlated with fate than control; but not for purists.  This is innate.  We do it for the passion.

What IF I told you that it was both, while informing you that Fitness does not represent our real lives, but a simulated reality that we must navigate back-and-forth between in order to accomplish our goals?

The final quarter of 2021 hit me with the closing of a business, the moving of a business, and the moving of a family.  As it occurred, I made the decision not to plug myself into this alternate reality so that my focus could stay on several very real things changing with my life.

Did my fitness suffer?  You bet it did.  But I fully-well made that choice.  Fate and control at the same time.  As we approach the year 2022, for the first time in a long while, I feel in need of a New Year.  Where I, along with hundreds of others can spend some time ‘plugged in’ to accomplish our goals.

What do you say…?
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