Meet Seena Khonsari, MS, CSCS

“By providing compassionate leadership to clients through thoughtfully designed exercise programs, our goal is to transform lives; empowering individuals with a strong foundation of exercise, social support, and wellness behaviors.”

“My Name is Seena Khonsari, Your 40+ Fitness Specialist”

StrongFound Personal Training LLC: The Beginnings

StrongFound Personal Training LLC was created in 2016, as Seena molded his extensive educational background and passion for fitness to solidify his career as a personal trainer and coach.  Through 2019, face-to-face training was his primary focus as he helped numerous clients ages 40+ reach their fitness goals and better their lives.

Through 2020 and Beyond: Online Personal Training… Virtually Anywhere!

2020 held a lot of promise; with StrongFound coming off of a recent expansion into training gym and new systems in place which would see clients able to receive personal training in several different forms.  While the pandemic shutdown hit suddenly, Seena ultimately made the decision to begin offering online training, in addition to the face-to-face experience that clients had grown to love.  This offering remained and proved an effective method and option for certain individuals.

In the current year, 2021, coach Seena made the decision to evolve StrongFound’s service offering to entirely online.  His hope is to serve as an elite ’40 and over’ Fitness Specialist and continue to transform many lives.  The possibilities are endless, with StrongFound’s expertise, leadership, and training philosophy now being delivered from virtually anywhere!

More About Coach Seena Khonsari

In The Beginning: Before Personal Training

As an adolescent who was involved briefly in high school athletics (basketball), I became fascinated at the abilities of different players when it came to muscularity, strength, speed, and power. I was the guy who ‘lacked’ in these qualities, it was my desire to increase my own muscularity and strength to match other players. In addition, muscularity and strength were qualities that became important to me in establishing significance with my peers. Despite my best efforts, I always felt misguided or without the knowledge to unlock the ‘secret’ to building muscle the proper way. My first trip to the local Pearland YMCA is where I initially witnessed personal trainers. I was in awe of these individuals, as they seemed to all display ideal physiques, and yet also possess the ability to teach and lead others in the practices necessary to achieve such a goal.

The College Years: Finding My Fitness & Bodybuilding Passion

As I made my way towards college, I began reading articles through the internet related to nutrition and weight training. Although initially ‘unmotivated’ by academics, it was through my reading that I discovered how to become intentional with studying information if it related to something I was passionate about. In school I first heard mention of ‘Kinesiology’ by a professor, and once I researched the field of study my heart was set on pursuing a degree in this field. In the meantime I also continued my reading on articles related to nutrition and exercise. It was here that I stumbled upon the sport of Bodybuilding. Here I had discovered a lifestyle and hobby which fully encapsulated nutrition, exercise, and creating a physique of physical perfection. Bodybuilding became my living, breathing example of physical fitness as I studied towards my degree in Exercise Science. In 2010 I attained my B.S. in Exercise Science with a Minor in Nutrition, as well as competed in my first bodybuilding competition.

After Undergrad: Post-Graduate Studies in Health & Exercise

Upon graduating, opportunities at the time would see me begin work as a Health & Safety Officer for a reputable dewatering contractor. It was exciting to enter the working world and learn a new trade. I continued my lifestyle and hobby of bodybuilding as I worked; competing in several more shows over the years. In addition, I would bring health and fitness to the working world as I helped open and oversee a company gym and counsel employees on exercise. In 2012 I made the decision to apply to graduate school to further pursue studies in the exercise sciences. I was accepted and began studies in 2013 as I continued working full- time. I would use graduate school as an opportunity to enter the fitness career path of a personal trainer by completing an internship at a well-established boutique gym in the Houston River Oaks area, Quality Life Fitness. Here I received first-hand knowledge and experience on the business aspects of running of a gym, and began applying what I had learned during graduate studies to train clientele. Upon graduating in the spring of 2015 with an M.S. in Exercise and Health Sciences, I continued working at QLF as an independent personal trainer.

Living My Passion: Personal Trainer & Competitive Bodybuilder

As I neared the six year mark of my time as a Health & Safety Officer, I made the decision to start my very own personal training business and pursue my passion full-time. It is my hope that with StrongFound Personal Training, I can pass on what I have learned over the years in helping clients achieve their own fitness goals. I hope to empower each of my clients with a strong foundation of exercise knowledge and execution, which will last a lifetime and influence others for the better.