In my previous blog post I Need a New Year (link) I drew a comparison of Fitness not being a part of the ‘real’ world, and in order to accomplish fitness-related goals you need to plug yourself in to an alternate reality for chunks at a time.


You may not have powers such as The One, but there are some pretty cool ways to illicit progress and distort the program if you are willing to put in the practice.  Though do not plan on learning Kung Fu.


  • Select a Skin

Within the Matrix you have the choice to select your best ‘skin’.  The thing that you must remember is that this does not represent a possible reality in the real world.  Those who have transcended physical transformations look further improved while plugged-in due to perfect clothing articles, enhanced skin pigment (i.e. tan), removal of body imperfections (i.e. stretch marks), and really cool sunglasses.


  • Meal Timing

Those within the Matrix consume food for fuel.  This breaks the social conventions of eating in favor of efficiency and allows monitoring of progress.  Every 2-4 hours there should be a meal consumed, focusing on protein.  This brings us to the next point…


  • Protein

Perhaps the greatest rule bender of them all is the consumption of protein.  While plugged in, you should aim for 2.0g/kg of bodyweight per day, spread out evenly throughout the course of your day.  Those who are vegetarian would do well to consider consuming a slightly higher protein intake.  If you are a runner, you might do well with a slightly lower protein intake.  Behold as you acquire the ability to recover from intense workouts, possess feelings of greater satiety, and maintain the precious muscle mass that you already possess.


  • Time to Fly

Whether it’s for a meeting, trying to reach an exit, or running from agents-you must move fast within the Matrix.  Those who have been unplugged and then plugged themselves back in know the importance of aids such as caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and l-tyrosine, just to name a few.  These will give you an energy and cognitive boost, allowing you to move beyond the speeds of real-time.


  • Macronutrient Architect

Carbohydrate cutting and enormously high-fat diets are for those buffoons that are still helplessly plugged-in but just haven’t learned the truth.  You want to stop blue-pilling it?  Stick to the protein outlined and then calculate your fat intake at 20% of your diet.  Consume starch carbohydrates solely prior to and after resistance-based workouts.

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