Goodbye New Year, Hello Spring

The gym parking lot does not appear as full as it did in January.  We are either completely enamored with our results or are smacking our heads, disillusioned with why we began in the first place.  Rather than remain stagnant, I would encourage you to enlist some Spring Cleaning with your Fitness.

Cleaning List

  • Throw motivation in the trash and replace with discipline.  That is, the controlled behavior resulting from discipline.  Motivation is the transient emotion brought about by your current mood, or caffeine intake.  Discipline is the decision to adhere to your habits no matter HOW you feel.


  • Vacuum away what you do not need in your training and restart with a program designed for your current goals.  Key word-current.  Most of what any of us need for training in the current involves functional movements, strength, and restorative and meditative components to round out the remainder.


  • Mop-up the bad nutrition habits and start practicing sensibility.  Sensibility and discipline are two concepts that go hand-in-hand.  If you are not sure what constitutes good nutrition habits, this can be learned.  Walking away from a second helping, keeping 60% of your body topped-off with water, and opting for essential nutrients over empty Calories requires you to PRACTICE sensibility (and discipline).


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