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It’s that time again! We are starting another fitness challenge! I will be participating in this challenge as well, to inspire a little friendly competition. (No, I cannot be the winner.) To participate, clients must:

  • Participate all 8 weeks duration (February 14th – April 14th )
  • Be participating in training, nutrition, or both with StrongFound

There will be one winner, overall, and this winner must at least:

  • Lose 8 lbs.
  • Lose 1” off waist & hips for female
  • 0.5“ off waist & hips for male
  • Have significant strength improvements:
    • Lower body core lifts:
      • 20 lbs. female & male
    • Upper body core lifts:
      • 10 lbs. female
      • 15 lbs. male
    • Lower body assistance lifts:
      • 10 lbs. female & male
    • Upper body assistance lifts:
      • 5 lbs. female
      • 10 lbs. male
    • Log fitness journey throughout the competition to show greatest improvements in transformational components, as well as strength
    • Must agree to before/after photos to show progress

The winner receives a cash prize along with a copy of a new e-book.

*Group measurements taken monthly-once prior to kicking-off challenge, once at the end of the first month, and once at the conclusion of the challenge. Fitness log/journal submitted at completion.

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