The shiny red day approaches. Laced with fresh bouquets of roses, plush teddy bears, and more chocolate than we care to count, Valentine’s Day is a day meant to bring up feelings
of romance and intimacy between couples, or perhaps the great bond of friendship amongst besties.

For me, I think of one of the paramount desires that we all possess (at varying degrees) as humans. A wishful need that eclipses our very attempt at starting or continuing our fitness

The desire to look good naked.

Yes, it’s true. I believe that at the very core of indulging fitness and creating a new years resolution of fit & firm, lies the basic desire to look good naked. I have become one with the
mantra that ‘Part of feeling good is looking good’.

Though crippling when taken to the extreme (as with most things in life), if followed and practiced in just the right dose, I feel that it’s a very normal and healthy feeling. We are not talking about physical perfection, but rather, a personal contentment within that leaves a person with the ability to say ‘Hey good looking’ every morning as they step out of the shower and peek into the mirror (say what you may, you know that you do it).

This Valentine’s I want to challenge you.

Rather than vicariously placing your hopes into the cinema screen as you watch a certain final chapter of a certain romance novel trilogy- brought-to- the-big screen (hint-‘Grey’), I challenge you to believe in yourself. Believe that you can reach a certain fulfillment with your own physical body. Not one that disrupts the good that’s already in you, but rather a contentment that brings you excitement as you behold your reflection. Looking good naked. And to the fortunate individuals that already hold this feeling, there’s always a dozen roses.

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