Fit Crush Challenge Day 1

In fall 2009, I took the leap by hiring an online Bodybuilding Prep Coach, Shelby Starnes, to help me prepare for my very first Bodybuilding competition.  Truth be told, I nearly backed out of this one; however, with Shelby informing me that the vendor wouldn’t allow refunds, I said ‘To heck with it’ and let him know that things were a ‘go’.  

As part of my very first contest prep, I would log each and every day of the journey, including the finest of details.  Here, with the Fit Crush Challenge 2.0, I intend to do the very same thing.  I want all StrongFound members, all participants, and any curious bystanders to understand the inner workings of a fitness goal.  Not just about what it takes to get there, but also the ‘why’.  Without further ado, here it is laid before you…

Name: Seena Baback Khonsari

Gender: Male

Age: 36 

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 262 lbs.

Primary Goal(s):

•Weight Gain   

→262 lbs. 🡪 267 lbs.    

•Fat Loss          

→42 ¾”🡪41 ½” Waist  

*Before this confuses anyone, ‘No, this is not a typo’.  I am looking to gain weight (muscle) while also losing body fat within an eight-week time frame.  5 lbs. will not be entirely muscle.

Timeline: 8 weeks (February 14th – April 11th)

Personal/Inspirational (i.e. ‘The Why’):

  • Since August 2019, I have been in ‘offseason’ for Bodybuilding, trying to add new muscle while getting stronger.  In order to put on requisite size,
  •  I have been pushing Caloric intake high for quite some time.  This, along with intermittent periods of being ‘off my game’ have left me with a bit more excess in terms of bodyfat.  This is a good time to dial back in, lose a small amount of body fat, and still work towards adding muscle tissue.
  • I feel like I need to be a good example for those I lead.

There you have it.  The preface before this Fit Challenge gets underway.  Let me know if you have any questions or please feel free to leave comments below!

Yours in Health,

Coach Seena

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