Time Flies

2009 would be my first honest attempt at regaining control of my body after 2-3 years of being sedentary, along with beginning Bodybuilding.  Fast forward to current day.  I am awake at 3:45am not for my morning workout, but so that I can be up at my gym and prepared for the first of my morning clients.  Not only am I awake, but I am joined by my wife and two young boys.  Both of us (parents) are exhausted and aware that our lives are quickly changing before us.

The Beginning of the End

After 12 years pursuing my fitness, I have a new understanding about where priorities lie.  I have continued to be a fan and participant of competitive bodybuilding, despite it never amounting to anything more than an expensive hobby and passion.  I do have one final goal that I am going to work hard to achieve.  The title of Mr. Texas.  One more prep; one more time putting on the posing trunks, before I fade away into the sunset.

Perhaps it is a reason of priorities.  Perhaps it is a reason of return versus reward.  The more likely reason is that my health and talents are better reserved for being a Master coach, fitness business owner, and life-long fan of the sport while I look to provide for my family and offer them the same support and freedoms that were afforded to me.

The Final Year of Bodybuilding begins.


Badansazi ta omri baghist…

Bodybuilding for life…

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