Badansazi: My culture, passions, and musings on everything in between

Hopefully the title grabbed your attention. If not, we have a long way to go, because this may be the first of many blog writings. An introductory blog is complex. When you are assigned a school paper, you are given explicit instructions, a firm deadline, and a single audience in your professor. When writing a blog, there are no instructions, no deadline, and your audience is many (or so you hope). The possibilities for content are endless, procrastination and delay are freely available, and you are open to a wide array of critique or limited to the sound of chirping crickets.

About Me: Seena Khonsari

Since I am most comfortable with the business and classroom setting, I will start my blog off as if we’ve already made our way around the room, and now it is my turn to tell you about me and my life in fifty words or less. My name is Seena. I am half-Persian, as my father was born and is originally from Shiraz, Iran. I have always pegged myself as someone who is ‘different’. Now, I can’t completely put that on my heritage and nationality. After all, I am only half Persian. The other half of my uniqueness could perhaps be best attributed to my passion and hobby for the better part of the last five years – bodybuilding.

My Culture Infused With My Passion

Before we go further, let’s separate ourselves from the term bodybuilding and replace it with one more fitting for the purposes of me and who I am – badansazi. Badansazi, in the Persian language of Farsi, literally translates to ‘bodybuilding’.

Badan – Body (n)
Sazi – Building (n)

I believe that Badansazi is a fitting title for this blog and what I hope to accomplish. In one word it encapsulates two equal parts of who I am. I hope to enlighten my audience (those that are still with me) on the subtleties of Persian culture and how it has shaped me. I plan to inform, educate, and even sometimes rant about the pursuit of bodybuilding and fitness. Lastly and most importantly, I intend to contemplate and reflect on all of the day-to-day intricacies-the stuff that makes blogs worth reading in the first place.

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