Bodybuilding & My Persian Culture

Competition—the simple mention of the word produces the urge to silently enter a contest and beat the guy/girl standing next to me. It’s true—for some of us, competition is a fairly serious endeavor. It lines our blood vessels, gives us purpose, and can sometimes drive us a ‘bit nuts’. In case you didn’t know, Persians as a people and a culture are highly competitive. Better careers, better cars, better homes, better makeup, better jewelry, better clothes; you get the point. This is by no way intended to be demeaning to the wonderful people and culture of Iran. But if you happen to enter a game of cards with a few Persian acquaintances, I guarantee you will recall this writing and nod your head in acceptance. It is because of my lineage that I owe my intense competitive nature credit.

Social Media & Bodybuilding

In a day and age when Social Media is at an all-time high, being intensely competitive can have its drawbacks. For one, a competitive individual finds the competitive field almost endless. Take any category-be it sports, cooking, career development, hobbies, relationship status, social engagements; and you are now outfitted with a vast, infinite number of match-ups. I would have added political alignment to the examples, but that is a novel for another day.

Secondly, there are no limits to the number of entries. In the real-time setting of competition, a competitor can enter knowing fully well that there is a ‘cap’ to the number of contestants. When the day of competition arrives, they look around to assess the competition and gain an understanding as they plan for ‘battle’. On the internet, there is a steady influx of contestant entry that essentially never dries. That is unless, of course, a new trend appears and people focus elsewhere.

Lastly, there is no ‘one’ judge or panel of judges. Rather, you are rated by the crowd consensus. This is most famously indicated by a ‘Like comment’. Or—if the people really like you, they will actually lend a comment.

Are We Ever Good Enough?

Being competitive and trying to compete in today’s world of Social Media dominance, there is a plausible argument for being just not good enough. Perhaps you yourself have felt this lacking, and question why it’s worth competing in any endeavor. Stand-by for Part 2, where I discuss my own particular dilemma with competition.

On the street, in competition, a man confronts you he is the enemy’
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