The social media backlash, in regard to this Christmas season’s Peloton commercial, is absurd at best. From this Fitness Professional’s perspective, the people lashing out simply don’t get what fitness is all about. Allow me my take on why someone wiser in the ways of fitness might treat his wife with an exercise bike for Christmas.

If I Were to Buy My Wife a Peloton for Christmas…

  • It would be for a fitness goal other than fat loss/muscle tone. And yes – there are other fitness-related goals beyond improving one’s physique. Improved endurance, anyone?
  • It would be because I choose to be her primary source of social support. No matter how determined someone is in reaching a fitness goal, they can be brought down by the sea of naysayers. Case in point, naysayers in response to fictional fitness commercial – how do you think people respond in real life?
  • It would be because I fully realize that when it comes to working out, making it to the gym can be a difficult task. For the both of us. We don’t necessarily know that hubby isn’t participating in some Peloton action.
  • It would be because fitness can be a great exercise in creating positive habits. Note – 6 am wakeup on a day when there is no inherent ‘need’ to be up early.
  • It would be because I know how reaching a fitness goal can empower someone. Any fitness-related goal carries such personal gravity. It can deliver a great sense of self-confidence when accomplished; there is nothing like self-confidence. The wife remarks that she didn’t realize ‘how much this would change me’.
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