Looking to get/stay in shape during the Holidays but donʼt feel like surrendering all the good food just yet? Here are five practical (and practicable) habits to set you off on the right path. 

  1. Slow it down. Purely common sense, but often ignored. Start your Holidays off the right way by practicing the habit of eating slowly. Not only will you make the enjoyment last longer, but thereʼs a greater chance of achieving a sense of ‘satietyʼ before youʼve consumed too much. 
  2. Water break. We know that water comprises a great deal of the human body, but what we may not know is that it might be the key to keeping that fit bod in check. Water will serve to aid digestion, process nutrients, and flush waste products during the season of ‘treats galoreʼ. Aim for 3 liters of total fluids per day. 
  3. Find a Buddy. No fitness goal has been obtained without some amount of social support. Donʼt set out for that Holiday party without an ally who will hold you accountable and support your decision not to gobble up every hors dʼoeuvres. 
  4. Beware of Hunger. It may seem counter-intuitive, but a great habit to employ during the season of holiday shopping, events, and travel is simply not ‘allowʼ yourself to get hungry. Keep healthy snacks on hand while youʼre out and about to prevent hunger from setting in and causing ‘overindulgenceʼ in a single sitting. Donʼt go more than 2-4 hours without having had something to eat.
  5. Donʼt Be Perfect. Itʼs usually in the scenario of ‘do or dieʼ mentality that we find ourselves sideways during the Holidays. In other words, we strive for perfect nutrition habits when itʼs convenient or readily available – but when weʼre amongst family & friends and the menu is ‘Holiday Ham and Stuffingʼ, we go the opposite extreme and let go of all those habits that are so valuable. Enjoy what’s presented to you, but a little bit of moderation goes a long way.

In addition to these tips, it’s always best to stick with your fitness routine whenever possible. If you are in the Pearland, Texas area and looking to make a change in your fitness routine, or get started with one, we’re here to help. Check out our trial offer, or join us for StrongFound’s Fit Academy on January 11, 2020. If you are not in the Pearland, Texas area, we also offer online fitness coaching services as well.

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