Introducing Part 2 of The Walking Deadlift Fit Challenge – The Whisperer War!

o The Whisperers are a primitive and savage group of freaks who choose to walk amongst the dead wearing Walker skins as face masks :O

o This challenge will encompass 6-weeks of carefully-crafted training to prepare each individual for the final workout challenge with Alpha or Beta.

o Every two weeks we will provide each individual with 3 key (nutrition) habits to work on.

o Anyone who completes the 6-weeks of training in its entirety, adheres to the nutrition habits, and defeats the final workout challenge will achieve ‘Mission Complete’.

o All participants who complete the challenge will be awarded:

 One FREE, newly-designed StrongFound t-shirt

 One FREE copy of our latest ebook, titled The Fitness Playbook

 2 FREE workouts for a friend or family member during the first month of re-open

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