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Target Heart Rate

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Hi Everyone!  I often receive questions regarding target heart rate(s) for cardiovascular workouts and often give it less attention/detail than topics of resistance training.  This week I wanted to give you all a quick way to calculate your target heart rate if you are looking to improve your aerobic fitness.


Step 1 - Establish Age-Predicted Maximum Heart Rate (APMHR) using the formula:


220-Age = APMHR


Step 2 - Find Resting Heart Rate *Note-this is best taken upon rising, before getting out of bed.


Step 3 - Calculate Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) using the formula:


APMHR-Resting Heart Rate = Heart Rate Reserve


Now, in order to improve aerobic fitness you should aim for 70-85% of the Heart Rate Reserve number (it will be a range)  Exceptions would be for those new to exercise or with compromised health initially.