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Workout Log 07/27/23

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Workout: Upper body pull focus

Training Time: 1:00-2:15pm

Not only am I training more frequently that I have in a good year, I am also training longer.  My attention span diminishes around the 50-minute mark.  Not to focus too much on this, but it is something of interest to me.  When I am at the gym now it is hard to 'escape'.  I am still thinking about where I need to be next.  I think that early AM training is the solution here.



5-minutes foam rolling

Chest-Supported Row

This machine actually felt really good.  I was pleasantly surprised; this make a relatively straight forward exercise more fun.

Performed several warm-up sets, then settled for 3 sets of 8 w/ 170 lbs.  I probably had a good rep or two left in the tank each set.

One-Arm Barbell Row

Meadows Rows and One-Arm Barbell Rows are probably the best exercises for my back development, but you have to approach them right mentally.  Today I felt locked in.

Perform several warm-up/feeder sets to get to a working weight, and did this:

2x10/9x120 lbs. + barbell (i.e. landmine attachment)

1x9x120 lbs. + barbell, then dropped 20 lbs. and did 1x6 (failure)

*Left arm, then right arm

Assisted Machine Pull-Ups

I tried to rig these up banded but this was going to be easier, without causing a scene.

1x5x35 lbs. assistance

1x4x35 lbs. assistance

1x4x50 lbs. assistance, plus 'iso-hold' @ middle of rep range for 10-seconds

I had to increase the assistance on the final set as I was losing strength.

Reverse Pec Deck (i.e. Machine Rear Laterals)

3x30/22x55 lbs.

I did not rest quite long enough here between sets

Slight Incline Hammer Curls


*added 5 partial reps @the end of each set

EZ Bar Preacher Curls

I used a free-loaded bar here so had no real idea of what weight I should go with.  These were harder than they should have been.

2x8/6x20 lbs. ea. side

1x8x15 lbs. ea. side


After 1 1/2 weeks back training with this kind of volume and frequency I feel like I am regaining some of my stamina and can keep up with the workout better.  I am sweating like a madman, but that's just what comes with the territory.  It is also relatively 'warm' in the gym because of summer heat.

I already have anxiety about tomorrow's Max Effort Lower Body day.  The trick will be 'when' I decide to complete it.